Our Waeve wigs were made by us, just for you

by Princess Adedoyin


All Waeve wigs were designed by and for Waeve only. This means that while they are inspired by current trends, they are proprietary styles and you can't find them anywhere else!


For each drop, we go through a detailed process of sampling and resampling with our manufacturers, making adjustments for density, length, curl pattern, cut and style so that each wig is exactly as we imagined. We then test the wigs out on real customers and make adjustments based on their feedback. This process takes several months per drop! We do this work on our end to take out all of the work and research and customization, to make it easy for you, the customer, to get wigs that look amazing right out of the box!


We sell both high quality human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs so you can have a range of options.


OUR HUMAN HAIR is 100% real, cuticle aligned hair, sourced in Southeast Asia and machine manufactured into wigs in China.


Cuticle aligned hair means that the hair is aligned from root to tip, in the same direction as a natural head of hair. This is due to the careful collection process of directly cutting the hair while it is held in a tight ponytail, so none of the hairs fall to the floor. This process guarantees that all of the cuticles stay aligned and are tangle free in its most natural form - resulting in a smooth, glossy and natural look for you!

Cuticle aligned hair is the absolute, best quality human hair available and has a longer shelf life than other wigs - which is also why it is much more expensive. This is why we work closely and diligently with our suppliers to ensure that you are getting 100% cuticle aligned hair that can be bleached, dyed, washed, and most of all last years with proper care!


OUR SYNTHETIC HAIR is made up of a unique blend of high-quality fibers, making it some of the softest, most versatile, and most natural looking synthetic hair on the market.


We use a blend of Futura and Korean high temperature fibers because it can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and looks and feels just like human hair. It’s strong, flame retardant fibers makes it best suited to be styled in a variety of ways. It is also less likely to get tangled like traditional synthetic hair and maintains a natural sheen, making it easy to comb and manage.

Using these fibers avoids the plastic look and feel of traditional synthetic hair wigs - so you get a human hair look for just the fraction of the price! While the synthetic fibers does not offer the same longevity as human hair (they last an average of 2-4 months depending on usage), we work closely and diligently with our suppliers to ensure your synthetic hair wigs can still be dyed, washed, cut and styled, all while remaining soft!



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