Which wig should I choose? Synthetic vs. human hair

Which wig should I choose? Synthetic vs. human hair

Which wig should I choose: Synthetic vs. human hair?

by Princess Adedoyin


We spend a lot of time and resources working with our suppliers to ensure that whether you choose our synthetic hair wig or our human hair wig you’ll be satisfied with your purchase! But if you are not familiar with human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs, the decision to choose can be overwhelming.


There’s the misconception among many first time wig buyers that human hair wigs are “better” than synthetic wigs and that synthetic hair wigs should be avoided. However, that actually isn’t the case! Our high quality synthetic hair wigs will give you the look and feel of human hair, and the versatility of being able to heat style and dye it, at the fraction of the price of a human hair wig. You can learn more details about our Waeve hair here.


There are, of course, differences between human hair and synthetic hair wigs, but it lies beneath the surface! Both can be great choices for you, depending on your budget, time and needs. We've listed out some considerations you might want to keep in mind when choosing a wig that's right for you.




Human hair wigs are known for their longevity. With proper care, your Waeve human hair wig should last you at least a year if you wear it very frequently and even longer if you wear it less frequently. Unfortunately, synthetic hair wigs do not last as long as human hair wigs because they are less durable - but with proper maintenance they can last 2-4 months. It is also important to follow our care recommendations in order to get the optimal life span out of our wigs!


Styling versatility


Just like real hair, our human hair wigs can be bleached, colored, and styled with heat. You can straighten your hair one day and add big, bouncy curls the next, the world is your oyster! Similarly, our synthetic hair wigs can also be heat-styled and dyed and cut to your desire - but they can not be bleached. Both our human and synthetic hair wigs can offer you the styling versatility you desire, but a human hair wig will offer more options.




Both human and synthetic hair wigs need to be maintained, but human hair wigs do require a higher level of maintenance in comparison. Synthetic hair wigs have "style retention", which means that after you wash and dry your wig, it will bounce back into the original style it came in with minimal effort. The style is set in place, and can even hold up in bad weather, like rain and humidity, which can guarantee no drooping or frizzing. This isn't the case with human hair: after washing and drying, you do typically have to restyle the hair, and just like real hair, it can get frizzy in humid weather and droop in the rain. However, human hair wigs can typically be styled in your desired choice relatively easily, just always make sure the hair is completely dry before styling!




Human hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but they are also more durable and last 3-4 times longer as well! Though synthetic hair wigs don't last as long, because they are lower priced, it makes it much easier to have a range of synthetic hair wigs to choose from! Bored with one synthetic hair wig - get a new one to try out different styles, cuts and colors!


But whatever wig you choose, we're sure you will look absolutely amazing in your Waeve wig, whether it's human or synthetic hair!


Which type of hair will you choose, or both?

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