washing our hair

washing our hair

Just like real hair, wigs shed - it is normal and should be expected. However, excessive shedding can be avoided by properly taking care of the wig and avoiding harsh styling that can be damaging, like excessive heat on the hair. Washing, rubbing, and bleaching the hair can all be contributors to wig shedding.

And just like real hair, wigs also need to be washed. How often you choose to wash your wig can be a personal choice, but we recommend washing your Waeve wig every 2 weeks if you wear it often, and at least once a week if you are using styling products on it every day. If your wig is feeling sticky, oily, dry, or has lost its curl and volume, then it is likely time for a wash.

Each time your wig is washed, it's lifespan slightly shortens, so it's also important to not over wash your wig as well. Avoiding the use of many styling products on the hair such as oils, pomades, gels and hairsprays; removing the wig before going to bed and wearing a wig cap, which absorbs scalp oils, are all steps you can take in order to limit the number of times you'll need to wash and condition your Waeve wigs.

When your Waeve wig is ready to wash, please follow these 4 steps:

1. Detangle

Brush your hair thoroughly prior to washing to remove any knots or tangles. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the roots - being cautious not to pull too hard on the hair.

2. Shampoo

Wet hair thoroughly - allowing cool water to flow over the hair from the base to the tips. Apply a small amount of clarifying/moisturizing shampoo to the palms of your hands and apply evenly across the wig and wash gently. We like to dilute the shampoo with water in order to create a thinner consistency that is much easier to spread across the wig. Do not rub, wring or twist the hair as you are washing it, this will create matting and unnecessary tangling, contributing to the wig shedding. Rinse out the shampoo with cool running water.

3. Condition

While the hair is still wet, apply hair conditioner into the palm of your hand and work it evenly across the wig. Always avoid avoid conditioner on the base of lace wigs as it can loosen the knots, causing balding of the lace. While the hair is still wet with the conditioner, gently detangle the wig using your finger tips or a wide tooth comb. Never brush a wet wig! Be gentle and do not overly stretch the hair while detangling. Thoroughly rinse out the conditioner from the wig using cool, running water and squeeze out the excess water. A reminder to not rub, wring, or twist the hair.

Please note that we do not recommend conditioner for our synthetic line: synthetic fibers do not take to traditional conditioner well and can make the wig look greasy, heavy, and dull. Instead, we highly recommend purchasing a wig detangler to use post shampoo, so the shine and the texture of the wig can be readily maintained.

4. Airstyle and dry

Place the wet wig on a dry towel or allow to hang, and let it air dry completely before styling as normal. Make sure to avoid placing your wig in direct exposure to the sunlight. When you're not using your wig, make sure to store it in your Waeve dust bag, which is included in your Wig Starter Kit, or on a wig stand.


Any other washing related questions ? Shoot us a message at support@thewaeve.com


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