styling our hair

styling our hair

We want to provide some recommendations of styling tools that can help you style your wig. Used in combination with your wig kit, these hair care accessories will help you style and care for your wig and allow for greater longevity. 


Freeze spray/gel

Freeze sprays and gels are a great way to secure your wig without using harsh lace glues. Strong lace glues can leave unsightly glue residue stains on your lace that will need to be cleaned up frequently and can hold risks to damaging the hairline if not properly used. However, freeze sprays and gels are less harsh and are relatively easy to use. Just spray on the areas of your forehead where you would like the lace to be, dry it down with a blow dryer on a low setting, and then wrap it with a scarf to set it!

Concealer/Foundation powder

Not all laces will match your exact skin tone: a great way to melt your lace for a perfect match is by using concealers and foundation powders. Just add the color of your choice to the lace, turning the wig cap inside out, and lightly blot it on with a foundation brush. You can also use concealers to sharpen the parting on your lace, by adding it to your part with a fine, angled brush - creating an even more seamless look.

Wide tooth comb

Excessively brushing the hair with a brush can lead to increased wig shedding, and you should always avoid brushing your wig while it is wet. Wide tooth combs are much gentler in comparison - it is designed to gently detangle the hair without pulling, snagging or ripping. You can use a wide tooth comb on dry or wet hair, just always make sure to work from the bottom up.

Hot comb /Blow dryer

A hot comb and blow dryer is very helpful if you want to get your wig as flat as possible and create a very sleek look. It definitely isn't necessary for all the time use, but can be a great addition for those few moments where you want to especially stand out.

Alcohol-free wrapping mousse

Wrapping mousse is a great product to use to set your wig and styles without using heavy styling products like gels, creams and oily hairsprays. Because it is light, it won't weigh the hair down too much, avoiding greasy looks and tangles.

Good quality shampoo and conditioner

Proper maintenance of your wig is key to ensure you're getting the optimal life span out of the wig. Having a good quality shampoo and conditioner is one of the first steps to maintaining your wig. You want to use a quality, shampoo and conditioner that you would use on your natural hair.

Friendly reminder that we do not recommend conditioner for our synthetic wigs: instead, find a wig detangler to use post-shampoo.


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