what a day to honor our most universal truth

what a day to honor our most universal truth

Happy Happy Valentine's Day Waeveworld !

We wanted to take a moment to honor this day and reflect on all the ways love exists in our lives. We honor our family, loved ones, our friends, but also ourselves. Our laughs, our eyebrows, our smiles, our hips, and most importantly, the hair on our head.

We honor our resilience, our drive, our aptitude and everything we've accomplished and overcome as we search for meaning and self-fulfillment in ourselves, in our work, in curating with our own personal aesthetic. Love is hard work, love is uncomfortable truths, love is many tears. Love is long overdue triumphs, love is it starting to come together, love is the emotional release of finally finally getting it right.

Waeve and the world of Waeve we are carefully crafting is a labor of love. We hope that your day is filled with wonder, contentment, and warmth as we continuously move this increasingly more daunting, more disjointed world. 

Please enjoy a taste of what we are jamming to: our reminder to move through our days, our routes, our routines with the intention of centering love. 



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