about waeve

Thank you so much for visiting us here at Waeve! 
Waeve began with friends searching for a better way to buy hair.
We live in an exciting era in which we are virtually unlimited when it comes to beauty. Gone are the days when women - particularly young, black women - had to purchase from companies that told them how to look, what to wear and what "good hair" meant. We now know that "good hair" and true beauty means expressing yourself exactly the way that you want to - however you want to. We can and must demand companies that understand that every single person is unique and beautiful and tailor products to what these women actually want. We aren’t here to try to make you "fit in", we’re here to help you stand out. Quality hair extensions are one way to do just that - switch up your look, protect your natural hair, and do you - whatever that means to you.
However, the world of hair extensions can be sooo confusing, with so many conflicting terms (virgin, raw, Remy, processed, unprocessed, wefted?!) and a million vendors to choose from, all claiming a million different things. The truth is, many of these contain misleading information and untruthful classifications about their products. It's hard to know who to trust and where to start. 
When we couldn't find what we were looking for - a hair company that we could trust, that puts the customer first and seeks to make them happy in every way, we decided to start our own. Enter Waeve. 
We are equally concerned with the experience of buying hair as we are with the quality of the hair. We want to make buying extensions fun. Your hair is such an important part of your beauty regimen and your life, so the way you purchase it should reflect that. It should come on time, in cute packaging, look great, and be able to go wherever you go. That is what we are all about here at Waeve - delivering you a product and experience that you can trust and will love.
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