“feel good hair”

"Feel Good Hair" is hair that makes you feel good.
"Feel Good Hair" is a reclamation of agency in beauty. You, and only you, decide what is an accurate expression of yourself. It is an unequivocal rejection of the idea that black women have to have a certain texture or style of hair in order to be considered beautiful or worthy.
"Feel Good Hair" is the idea that beauty should be fun . Whether it’s natural, weave, long, short, curly, straight, black, green – feel good hair means you decide what makes you feel healthy and happy.
"Feel Good Hair" is also hair that you can feel good about.
Right now, the human hair industry is not what it should be, or what we believe it could be. This is for the same reason it is so hard to buy hair – a total lack of transparency in the sourcing and supply of human hair extensions. There’s plenty of conflicting information out there about where human hair extensions come from, who is providing them, how they are processed, and what the lives and wellbeing look like for all of the women and men along this process.
We admit that we don’t know everything there is to know about the way human hair extensions make their way to consumers, because no matter how much research you do (and we’ve done *a lot*), the market is murky and filled with misinformation and secrecy.
But we also know that a world in which women can switch up their look, have fun with beauty, and gain confidence through ethically sourced hair extensions and products is possible and we want to get there.
Here at WAEVE, we are donating 5% of all profits to Malala Fund to assist in women and girls’ education and empowerment efforts in the countries from which most hair extensions are sourced. We believe that providing women and girls with opportunities for education makes it less likely that they will be subject to exploitation. In addition, when you buy Waeve hair, your money is going to our continued research and development into how we can change this industry for the better.
It’s not enough, but it’s what we can do right now. This is the first part of our pledge to make sure that “feel good hair”, feels good for everyone involved.