We're Tiiso, Mary, and Susana, co-founders of Waeve! We founded Waeve in 2018 because we were looking for a better way to buy hair. We live in an exciting era in which we are virtually unlimited when it comes to beauty, and since 2018, and with the input of the hundreds of women in our community, we’ve been working to refine Waeve. We are excited to finally share it with you - Waeve is a black woman owned beauty startup offering beginner friendly high quality wigs.


Gone are the days when women - particularly black women - had to purchase from companies that told them how to look, what to wear and what "good hair" meant. We now know that "good hair" and true beauty means expressing yourself exactly the way that you want to - however you want to.


We aren’t here to try to make you "fit in", we’re here to help you stand out. Wigs are one way to do just that - switch up your look, protect your natural hair, and do you - whatever that means to you!

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"Feel Good Hair" is a reclamation of agency in beauty. It is a rejection of the idea that black women have to have a certain texture or style of hair in order to be considered beautiful or worthy.


"Feel Good Hair" is the idea that beauty should be fun. Whether it’s natural, weave, long, short, curly, straight, black, green – feel good hair means you decide what makes you feel healthy and happy.


Feel Good Hair is about looking good, feeling good and doing good. Here at Waeve, we donate 2% of revenue as part of our commitment to Feel Good Hair to a different cause each drop.


This drop we will be donating to Black Girls Code.